Hooping Questionnaire:

– How old are you ? 38

– When did you first start hooping ? January 2009 I started trying to hoop.

– Would you call yourself a beginner, intermediate or advanced hooper ? intermediate

– How often do you hoop ? Every other day

– Do you have an indoor hoop space ? sort of, the walls have a lot of colored stripes

– Is there a hoop group where you live ? yes

– Did you start it ? helped re-start it

– Would you say that you are obsessed with or addicted to hooping ? yes

– Have you posted hooping videos ? How many? yes

– Do you have friends nearby to hoop with ? no, I drive 45 minutes on Sundays to hoop with people

– Do you teach hooping ? no, but my goal is to teach free classes to cancer survivors ala Hooping for Hope

– What kind of songs do you listen to while hooping ? i like music with Latin-based rhythms.

– What is your favorite song right now ? feeling contemplative lately, currently it’s Gravity by Sara Bareilles

– Do you buy hoops or make your own ? i make them, but taping is not my favorite thing

– What size is your favorite hoop ? the one that hurts the least when I hit my head with it (see hooping injury question)

– How many hoops own you ? they keep adding and subtracting, usually around five

– Have you lost weight since starting to hoop ? yes, 10 pounds and 2+ inches off my waist

– Are you comfortable hooping by yourself in a public place ? yes

– How did you learn the majority of the tricks you know today ? took a class from the wonderful ladies at HomeSpun Hoops. I wouldn’t be hooping without them. I also own all four Hoopnotica videos. Youtube is also great. Here’s a link to my tutorial playlist: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=8AF270AB22373D1F

– Who is your favorite hoop teacher ? locally HomeSpun Hoops. Online Caroleeena, her youtube vids got me past some major hurdles.

– What advice would you give to to beginner hoopers ? Don’t over think, just do. If you give your body time and practice, things will all the sudden just click. It has happened that way for me with every trick.

– Do you fire hoop ? No. I’m a klutz; that would be asking for trouble. I made my own “fire” hoop (it is red, orange, and yellow taped) and it suits me just fine.

– Do own an LED hoop ? not yet

– How much time do you spend on HoopCity.ca and Hooping.org ? probably more than I should

– What was the first trick you learned (besides waist hooping) ? vertical weave

– What is the last trick you mastered ? the vortex

– What trick so far was the hardest for you to learn ? knee hooping

– Which one are you finding is almost impossible to get ? shoulder hooping is driving me insane

– How many hoopers would you say live in your town/city ? a few, you’d think there would be more since the city is so into the arts

– Have you performed hooping in front of an audience ? not intentionally (as of 11/10 this is no longer true, I performed in a recital)

– Has anyone told you you were too old to be playing with a hula hoop ? no, but I’ve been accused of trying to take over the world with hooping

– What’s the worst injury you’ve acquired from the hoop ? goose egg on my forehead, has happened more than once, actually

– Have you ever hooped naked ? nearly, but not completely. the girls have to have some support

– Have you been to a hoop camp/retreat ? Which one ? no, but I am dying to go, know of a good one?

-How did you get your hooping name? Whenever something disappears at work I always say that it was probably filed in the circular file (trash can.) I guess if I have a catch phrase, it would be that. I changed the f to ph to acknowledge my love of the hoop.


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