Recital Video

Never posted a video of my recital from last November. I take classes from Homespun Hoops here in Charleston, SC ( So, here it is:


Spirit Dance-Hoopcamp Contest Entry

This video was already in the works before the contest, so I decided to submit it.


A great idea

I’m going to make a hoop for this project. Anyone else in?’s 30/30 Challenge

So, I was feeling a little lost as for what to do yesterday for 30 minutes. Kinda just kept doing the same things over and over. Decided to shake it up today and practice with minis seriously for the first time. I feel like I made some good progress. After 30 minutes of working my arms, though, I’m afraid I won’t be able to lift them tomorrow. Guess I’ll have to concentrate on the core. I actually video’d yesterday’s practice and watched it today. If found that my moves look a lot more graceful than they feel. Even jumps I thought I had totally messed up looked pretty good on film. I’m going to go give my hoop a kiss for making me look so good. I still think the benefits of video, even if it makes you nervous, outweigh the bad. I was able to self-diagnose my problems with angled hooping.