Hooping at Marion Square Today

From Homespun Hoops:

Wanted to send out an email to let y’all know a couple of things…
First~ We are being featured on News 2 this Wednesday at the 11am and 5pm newscast! Check it out!

Second~ We are planning a hoop evening at Marion Square on Thursday to follow the interview. we would love to see you all and anyone else that can come! We are hoping to bring people out after the newscast! We will be meeting from 6-8, but someone will be at Spirit Moves to get the doors open for class…although it would be good if it could start at 8, if that is ok with everyone…

And last~ I wanted to let those of you who haven’t been by Thursday’s class in a while, that we are planning a summer show…date TBA, but we are working on Music and the overall concept at the moment. Would love to see more of you there! We are going to rock!

I would love hear any ideas and feedback that you all may have! I think we can make Charleston an excellent hoop town if we all hoop together!
If you all have any suggestions for location and days for a monthly or weekly hoop jam for summertime let’s hear it!

Yeah hooping!!!
Y’all are awesome and thanks for everything!


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